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Nothing gets as much attention as a gorgeous, shimmering piece of dichroic glass jewelry. If you’ve been looking for that unique, knock ‘em dead gorgeous gemstone to incorporate into jewelry you make, or for a beautiful handmade piece of dichroic glass jewelry, you’ve come to the right place. Dichroic glass, with its ethereal, opal-like quality, makes jewelry unforgettable.

Julie Rorden has become an underground favorite of jewelry artists who come to her for her magnificent dichroic glass cabochons to use in making their own jewelry. She makes cabs in unusual colors and with incredible depth. One of her cab designs includes the popular deep galaxy-like style taught to her by her friend and mentor, Linda Abbott. Now, Julie is making her dichroic glass cabochons available through this website, which she and her business partner, Norma Gould, have recently taken over since Linda Abbott retired. In addition, she makes dichroic glass accent tiles by special order.

We are pleased to continue carrying Linda Abbott’s instructional books on CD for those wanting to learn the techniques used to produce wire wrap and chain maille artisan jewelry. The book, "That's A Wrap!!!," is formatted in Microsoft Word for both Mac and PC users. The CD contains detailed instructions illustrated by hundreds of full color photographs covering each step of the process plus design ideas. "That's A Wrap!!! is now available for purchase on this website along with tools and wire wrapping supplies.

Linda wrote a second instructional CD, "That's A Wrap, Too!!!.” This second CD builds on the skills taught in the first CD, “That’s A Wrap!!!.” It teaches the use of different shapes and tempers of wire to make beautiful neck wires. Also included is instruction about how to integrate a pendant into the neck wire to make a stunning, stand-alone piece of jewelry. Like the first CD, "That's A Wrap!!!," each step in the process has been photographed close up and in color to make the learning process simple.

In addition to Linda Abbott’s two wire wrap instructional books on CD, she fell in love with chain maille weaving and wanted to share this incredible art form with you. Linda wrote two instructional books on CD covering different types of chain maille. We hope you will find chain maille as addicting and rewarding as we do. The first book, "It's In The Maille!!!," covers the beautiful Byzantine weave. It contains seven different projects using the Byzantine weave. The second book, "You've Got Maille!!!," teaches the exquisite European 4-in-1 weave. Chain Maille uses very few tools, so it's easy to get into, and, while it looks very complicated when you look at the jewelry, you will find it surprisingly easy to make. Both chain maille CDs assume you know nothing about chain maille, so beginners will feel comfortable with them. They, like Linda's other CD instructional books, are extensively photographed in color and up close, every step of the way. It's a good day to learn a new art form, isn't it?

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Julie loves to interact with her students and other artists through the exchange of ideas, comments, stories, and images. Join her on Facebook and Twitter.

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